Frontier airlines | Airbus A320 | KSFO-KATL

Hey IFC!
Recently I have had a frontier obsession (which hopefully doesn’t upset my folks at UVAL), so I have been doing a lot of frontier flights! This flight, I thought was very pretty and neat, so I decided post some of the shots to S&V. I have also had some creative editing time with one of the photos, so hopefully you aren’t too alarmed😂 Here is the info
Server: Expert

Aircraft: Frontier Airlines Airbus A320 “Hugh the Manatee” livery

Route: San Fransisco (SFO) - Atlanta (ATL)

Flight time: 3:57

Enjoy the pictures!
Line up runway 1R

Climb over Yosemite national park

My editing adventure

Flying past the grand canyon

Turn onto downwind

Around the “average butter” area of my landings (between 300-100 VS)

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!


How dare you not fly for UVAL…😤😂 but awesome pics man! Keep them up, and thanks for flying for UVAL! 🙂


I ran out of likes, so unfortunately I can’t like it but these are very nice pictures! Also, does frontier do this route in real life? I thought they always either depart or arrive in Denver.


Because If Tanistic Air VA gets approved, we are gonna beat United to the bottom!

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Awesome pics I love Frontier 👍🏽🥳keep it up buddy

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Ahh I got good photos of my UVAL aircraft too! United will always be my #1 airline.


Butter is outdated. Greased is the new and improved term. Jokes aside, nice pictures!


Darn I wish we had the NEOs

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Nope. They haves Denver hub but a large amount of operations in Atlanta. SFO-ATL is done twice a day on an A320. Once in the morning and once in the evening. Frontier owns three gates in ATL and they are usually full around the clock so they are making a name for themselves here. Great photos nonetheless, thanks for flying to ATL!


Oh I didn’t know that! Thanks for telling me

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Yaaaaassss so true!!

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That edited picture looks incredible!

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better than

Haha I do think this looks too shiny