Frontier Airlines Airbus A319-111 (Dale the Dall's Sheep Livery) (N925FR)

Hello Community! Today I would like to request that the Frontier Airlines Airbus A319, named “Dale the Dall’s Sheep” and registered as N925FR be added to Infinite Flight.

Image Source - Andrew Hunt via Jetphotos

Why Dale?

Dale, being my second Frontier A319 request (the other being Flip the Bottlenose Dolphin, seen here) and also the only plane I’ve ever flown on twice before, was in Frontier’s fleet from 2004 to 2016, and is now sadly scrapped. Dale served Frontier well, carrying passengers from Los Angeles to Detroit, and so on. Dale was also one of Frontier’s unique tails, and to this day, Dale has been Frontier’s only Dall’s sheep since their creation in 1994.

Why do we need the Frontier A319 in Infinite Flight?

Although yes, we have the Frontier A318, A320, and A321 in Infinite Flight, there were/are almost as many A319s in Frontier’s fleet then all three combined (53 A319’s to 11 A318s, 28 A320s, and 21 A321s, bringing that total to 60.) The A319 was the backbone of the Frontier fleet for 15 years, from 2001 when their first A319 was introduced, to 2016 when the A320NEO took over Frontier. There is only 4 A319s left, and they will be retired by mid-April 2021. It will be sad to see them go, but it will be nice to reminisce Frontier’s older times one day soon.

Let me know how you feel about this, have any comments, or if you voted for this! I’d sure like to see this some day. Thank you for your consideration!

More about the Dall’s Sheep:

More about Frontier Airlines:

Even if it’s a cool livery. We already got 5 Frontier liveries only for the A320.
Otherwise can be a cool one for an A319 but not necessary immediately


Cool livery but we already 7 Frontier liveries now


I’m fine with this being added later, hence why maybe in the future we can add this. It’s just a cool livery with a touch of personal connection for me.

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Sorry to be the party pooper, but I think frontier has enough, i don’t mind a new frontier livery, just that there’s a lot, sorry I sound rude, but bring out my honesty to the people in the kindest way I can anyways, that’s a good goat


I like this livery! (like others Frontier liveries), but since there is already seven ones, it shouldn’t be add now (maybe in the future). 👍

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I can obviously see why many people don’t like the proposition of adding a new Frontier Livery, but probably before this would be added, I would remove 2-3 of the A320 liveries as they seem excessive (even for a Frontier enthusiast like myself), but Frontier’s uniqueness is with their animals. I just hope to see some sort of new animal in the future, but not set in any time or date. I’d be thrilled if it would be added any time, but I agree, now is probably not the best time for a new animal.


That ain’t a sheep thats a goated goat

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It is indeed a sheep, not a goat.

A very nice and original livery but there are already others Frontier liveries on IF :)

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I’m not sure this would happen. There are only 4 A319s in their fleet currently and they’re all being sold/retired this year. Plus like the others said we have a lot of F9 thanks to a certain someone lol


Ahah , what, who ? And F9 means Frontier ^^ ?

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I won’t put him on blast publicly lol, but F9 is frontier

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Yeah and just to add to the fact that they’re phasing out the last of their A319s, that’s also their previously livery which they are almost completely finished phasing out to their updated livery! I’m not sure if the sheep was continued into one of the new A320s or A321s!

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No offense mate, but if i see another Frontier livery on IF…

I like this livery! I remember flying on their A319 from BZN-DEN multiple times before.

I have spared a vote for this one.😉

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