Frontier Airlines A321 “Spot the Jaguar”

Frontier now has 21 a321-200 aircraft but only one is in Infinite Flight. I think we should add beautiful livery. I personally have been on this plane and think it is a great livery.
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PS: If I did something wrong, please let me know

“Spot The Jaguar”. I expected a little bit more of a challenge. Like Where’s Wally. Disappointing. But a nice livery.


Great livery, but not needed. We have alot of Frontier-liveries in the sim already :)


True but only on the a320 do we have diversity

What do you mean by more challenging?

He was making a bad joke. “Spot” like in Find, but then there’s spot as in like a dot. HAHA

Just saying, you guys have 6 liveries spread over 2 aircraft… in my opinion, this isn’t needed at all. Loads of other airlines need livery updating.

Just my two cents.


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