Frontier Airlines A321 (Powder the Polar Bear livery)
Details about this livery:

  1. This aircraft was delivered on June 2016 and was registered as N711FR.
  2. This is the 9th A321 to join the Frontier Airlines Fleet.
  3. This aircraft is named as “Powder the Polar Bear”, with the polar bear livery painted on the vertical stabilizer.
    More information about Frontier Airlines:

Reason for requesting this livery:
As the A321, which is the aircraft to have only one Frontier Airlines livery, it’s a good idea to add more different Frontier Airlines liveries to the A321. The A320 has more Frontier Airlines liveries than the A321, so it might be boring for some people. I also love to see this livery as it’s my favorite Frontier Airlines livery.

Definitely one of my favorite tails for the A321 for Frontier. Got my vote.

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@Niccckk look… oh wait. Nice livery though! :D


Let’s get some more votes guys, and let’s see if this livery is added after the 19.4 update.

I definitely support this

Got my vote!

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Thanks. Let’s keep it up guys to vote this feature request before the 19.4 update.

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Please, I also want to see this Frontier Airlines livery if it can be added to the A321 soon.

Can this Frontier livery be added to the A321 by the end of this year?