Frontier Airlines A320NEO “Baja the Whale Shark”

Hello IFC,
I come to you today with an idea for a livery to be added. This is my favorite Frontier livery and I think it would be cool if it was added with A320NEO.

Add this to #features instead of general


Oops forgot to do that

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I definitely support this love the whale shark

I just voted 👍🏽😄

This would be great, we have the old Frontier liveries, but we need more new ones! This would be great!

I honestly don’t know, have they confirmed the A320neo? If they did, I hope we get this livery with it!

The A320NEO won’t be out for a while, as the Devs have other things to develop/rework at the moment, but I would love to see this as one of the first liveries when it comes out.

Sadly I don’t have any free votes at the moment though.

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