Frontier Airlines A320 Tilted up at KORD Gate on Saturday

I would assume that it had something to do with improperly loading the aircraft. If you throw all the bags in the back of the plane and then unload it, chances are it will tip.

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Lol @SkyHighGuys anything that happens to other airlines you can care less, now if frontier get a little winglet scratched its the end of the world for you 😂😂😂 boy you sure love frontier huh?


It’s the of the world you’re damn right 😂😂 I hope this gave you a glimpse of how much I deeply adore Frontier Airlines.

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Thank you for the explanation. It does make sense. If I ever head down to CMH I expect you to make sure that doesn’t happen LOL. Cheers mate ✌🏼

If you throw all the bags in the back of the plane and unload them, nothing happens. Removing stuff from the aft cargo shifts the centre of gravity of the plane further forwards, as there is now less mass in the back and the same mass at the front. Shifting the CoG forwards doesn’t do anything – there’s nose gear there to ensure the plane can’t tip over that way.

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What I said was if I put all the bags in the back and then unload the passengers it will create a dangerous situation.

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Could someone replicate it in IF in the frontier livery?

Anybody can, just taxi at 60 knots in an A318

LOL my 1/400 British Airways A319 does this

My Frontier A320 1:400 as well lol. Seems a running trait has been observed.

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