Frontier Airlines A320-251N (N362FR)


Frontier is a US carrier know for their animal liveries. This thing would be an amazing addition to the game because it is a unique livery. I think you should vote to see this in the game.

That’s a cute ferret!

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While I did wish the A320neo won the competition and now it will take slight longer for the A320neo to make an appearance, I’d love to do Frontier Flights in the A320neo now that they are starting to retire the 321 & 320ceos due to their “green planes doctrine” which I totally support I love the sounds of the quiet engines and I think Frontier in my opinion has one of the top 3 liveries for North American Carriers.

Good point

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Ferret :D
Hope this will come into the game after the MAX is updated, then I have some votes free for this.

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