Frontier Airlines - A319-100 - Andy the Pronghorn Antelope

Frontier Airlines
A319-100 - Andy the Pronghorn Antelope


About Frontier Airlines

Why do we need this livery?

Frontier currently owns seven A319-100 aircraft, which are currently being phased out of their fleet, and being sold to American Airlines. However, it would still be nice to see some animals on the A319. ;)

There is currently no Frontier liveries on the A319, and it would be awesome if there could be, as Frontier only does specific routes with these seven aircraft.

My Opinion

My opinion on this livery is that it looks absolutely amazing on the A319, especially with the animals on the tails. Seeing more of this livery flying in the skies would make the skies filled with nature all the time. ;)

Thank you for reading this request, and make sure to vote if you like it!

Great livery, would love to see this!


I would vote, but I have none left rip


I agree. :)

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Thanks. hopefully a vote frees up soon 😉😉

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This would be an amazing addition to the Frontier fleet it would also complete the A320 family for the airline!

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I love all of the frontier aircraft! Nice request Nick! Could you maybe find a photo where we can see the tail a bit more (it’s kind of hard to see)


Yep, it would be awesome to see the whole family completed. :)

I also made a request for a Frontier A319 as well. Good request.

Here’s the request (not a duplicate)

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Yep, it’ll be nice to see the Frontier fleet complete in Infinite Flight with these awesome tails.


Good request. As the COO of Frontier Virtual it would be nice to have this!

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Cool livery, I like the antelope on the tail.
Frontier has nice liveries because of the animals in the tails. I didn’t have a free vote for this.
Support the addition of this Frontier livery on the A319.👍
But I’m the only one who noticed that the plane is now with Volotea?