Frontier Airline’s Welcome and Adieu @ KDEN - 052000ZNOV17

Server: Casual Global Server (this might change to Expert depending)


Expected Flight Time: 3-4 hours

Fuel: 5 Hours of Fuel

Aircraft: Airbus A320 (any F9 livery) or A318 (Chloe the Fawn livery)

Pushback Time: 1990Z

Scheduled Departure Time: 2000Z (2 PM Mountain Time)

Vital Inflight Information:

  1. Cruise at altitudes of 15,000 from DEN-COS and then go up to FL390 from COS-CVG

  2. No faster than Mach 0.78 during any leg of our flight

  3. Maintain a minimum separation of 2nm from the aircraft in front of you.

The link above is to our main thread. Feel free and welcome to check it out :)

Ground Information: Since I have no way to predict what the runway departure is going to look like, please follow the map and key below on the day of the flight.

Please click the above link to sign up for the event :)

Purpose for this flight:

Frontier Virtual Airlines has begun an all new route bidding program and has retired the always faithful Airbus A318 with the beautiful Chloe the Fawn from our focus cities and our main hubs except for Colorado Springs.
Because November 1st marks the official date that this is all going down, I thought we’d have a nice flyin from 5 Frontier Pilots or forum pilots meeting the requirenments each one bearing one of the new liveries.
Once that flight gets done and all five aircraft are on the ground (specifications are met below) the entire VA and forum attendance will begin pushback strictly OnTime at 1990Z for an OnTime departure at 2000Z.

So this I should a sad day for us as we bid goodby to ever seeing the Airbus A318 in DIA or any airport East of DFW. But this is also our happy day as we move forward with our big plans for the mighty Airbus A320-200

A318 2017 Official FVA Routes Plan In Servce

Frontier Airlines has been graced with over a year servicing the Airbus A318 with Chloe the Fawn livery. Unfortunately, with the update of Global, FVA is retiring this aircraft from active service through 98% of its flights. You can still find this iconic, beautiful, aircraft operating flights out of Colorado Springs Municipal Airport just south of Denver International Airport.

We have decided to cut routes with this aircraft as it is being replaced with the Airbus A320-214 and A320NEO aircraft coming in addition to Global. These two aircraft have come with five overall new frontier liveries. (Check our website for photos of these animals)

As of November 1st, 2017, the Frontier Airlines Airbus A318 will be solely operating the following four flights:
(KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport ———> Los Angeles Airport (KLAX)
(KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport ———> Palm Springs Airport (KPSP)
(KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport ———> Salt Lake City Airport (KSLC)
(KCOS) Colorado Springs Airport ———> Dallas Fort Worth Airport (KDFW)

This new route system for our Airbus A318 (Chloe the Fawn) is not taking place until 11:59 PM MDT on October 31st, 2017.

Requirements for A320 Fly-In Pilots

  1. MUST be a Grade 3 pilot
  2. Cannot have been ghosted over the past two weeks from the event date.
  3. Must be willing to pushback and fly out from COS to DEN at 1940Z on the dot.

If you know someone who meets these requirements and great honor of being a part of our welcoming ceremony to our new animals, please have them message me or comment below. No exceptions will be made on the requirements under any conditions I can foresee.

You can sign up by clicking on the link below. If you joined us last event, you’ll know that this is our way of keeping gate assignments organized and less chaotic and work for me.
So just click below and sign up for this event. You can find your assigned gate no sooner than 2 days before event begins.



The trading Server is full of…let’s just say people who don’t know how to fly and only love to troll. We usually get ATC who aren’t the best or serious.
But I will take your advice to heart and update the event as my staff and I see fit.
Thank you Kronos!


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Are we getting gates?

If you would like to sign up, please find the link at the bottom of the main threat marked “Events Manager” and click on that. You can register via our registration form in there.

Please take this to a DM as both of you are getting offtopic!

@GolferRyan and @kronos


This is the link to use to find your gate assignment :)

And this link is to sign up.

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We already are up to 7 pilots and this post is only one day old. THANK YOU everyone for your awesome support and if you’d like to join this somewhat lengthy event, please sign up by filling the form out.

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Just checking in with all of you amazing pilots out there! If you are interested in signing up and officially welcoming all of Frontier’s new liveries into the clan, and saying goodbye to our A318 permanently from ever being seen in Denver under FVA colors…then check this out and see if it’s up to your par level ;)

Also, a huge thanks to our over 10 pilots already signed up :D you guys are amazing.

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Just bumping this back up to remind everyone we are fully excited for this event and cannotwait for you all to join as well :)

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