Frontier Airbus A321

I’m joking of course! I appologize for this copyright infringement.

I’m a frontier fan too

Ha ha. The mods will tell you the opposite. 😉

The mods are awesome…but still 😂😂🛬✈️👍🏼🛫

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It was closed 4 days ago, I made sure it wasn’t a duplicate before changing it into a feature request. You just type in whatever and copy the title then paste it and the system automatically knows it’s a topic

I would love this livery on the a321. As of now there is only one American livery on the a321. I’ve been on Frontier’s a321 a few weeks ago. And their cabin is really nice. But the tray tables were so SMALL and no IFE!

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Lol I bet. But just having that aircraft in IF would be worth it :)

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Bumping this up! Who still wants this absolutely gorgeous livery!?/aircraft?

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Maybe, we definitely need more of these liveries!

I agree!! I love the A318 aircraft to death but it would be nice to have more

Yeah, if only the had a 737!

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They actually did p! Then they retired them in favor of Airbus

Frontier is a nice airline and I would love to ride the new fleet of aircrafts (Airbus a321)

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Frontier is my dream airline lol. I’m going to be a flight attendant for them

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I like their new livery specifically the tails with the different animals. :)

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Frontier sadly retired the EMB in 2013 and replaced it with a319s.

good stay with them people like you will help alot

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If there was a F9 321 added, what tail would you guys want on it. I have close ups from work of 704 706 708 709 and 710. I would vote for 704, Virginia the Wolf.


This is still in my top list for liveries. Just booting this back up in hopes that possibly more people will vote in the poll above and approve of it :) #loveforfrontier #spiritofthewest #awholedifferentanimal

Great livery!