Frontier Airbus A321

Who wants to see the Frontier livery on A321? Frontier is my favorite airline so if it’s possible for the future I think it would be enjoyable!!
Thanks to the airline/airplane personal who sit through these livery fanatics 😊. I am sure you have heard of this one before!! But I hope it’s a possibility. :)


Is this a feature request?

  • Yes, I want this!
  • No, we don’t need this!

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I have changed it into a feature request and for the A321 you have to request each livery for each plane separately

Here is a picture.

  1. It’s not my post.

  2. It doesn’t need to be in the original post as far I know.

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I do appologize I actually had the picture haha. But Adrian posted it for me. No this is not a feature request this is a simple evaluation of the current tallies into which people would like their choices put. Simply said, this is a poll to see how many people would appreciate it. :)

This is pointless then unless it’s a feature request, if you want a poll ask for opinions and add a poll it’s already a feature request so you might as well as leave it as that

That would be smart. How do I set up a poll?

Also I guess it can be seen as a feature request. :)

@CJLAviation has created the poll and @Adrien has the picture next time include this in your initial creation of the topic, you will learn as you get used to the forum it takes time. Thanks

Thank you Chatta for taking the time to educate me :) I appreciate that. Safe flying

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Gorgeous! I would like it very much for flights in Colorado!

EXACTLY COPA!!! Since KDEN is Frontiers hub I think it would be awesome to be able to fly out of there as frontier. At the moment thigh there is only the A318

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This is a duplicate topic.

How? If you think so post the topic that this is a duplicate off, don’t just say duplicate without proving it

I’m sorry but might I ask how you link topics?

I’m hurt and injured…not really but come on man just enjoy yourself :)

Whatever. I made a topic requesting this last December though. 😒

The more the merrier ;)