Frontier Airbus A319

I’m requesting this because of the NW confirmation, I would love to see more of Frontier

(Not my photo)__


Miss this livery, hope gets added.


You and me both… please add this Livery! All of Frontier Virtual in its massive glory would love to finally see a frontier aircraft that has its livery and is being currently used in the real world! Hopefully in future updates they add this Livery to the 319, 320, 321
I mean Frontier is one of the most unique airlines to date. So many different tails I know it would be unreasonable to have fifty Frontier tails lol but just one Livery per the three aircraft I mentioned would be incredible.

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This woud be really good the livery fits airbus aircrafts perfectly and it looks so good so that is a must have in infinitie flight

Bumping this back up. Such a gorgeous livery for this aircraft. I realize it’s not rpeactical to have every single Frontier animal livery on the aircraft but I mean just one would be awesome.

NW? What does that stand for, I’m brain farting on this one.