Frontier A321 (Gordon the Golden Eagle livery)

I think it should be confirmed to 21.1 and then we would have more Frontier liveries on the Airbus A321!

No thanks. No offence but we have enough American aircraft and one frontier livery for the A321 is enough atm. I don’t see any point for an extra livery when we have such a lack of liveries in places like , Africa, Asia, South America, Australia etc.


One frontier livery isn’t enough maybe the devs could just add two more frontier liveries and American Airlines has a stand up to cancer livery on the Airbus A321. I would also love to see it added!

One Frontier Livery is more than enough! How about this dIvErSiFiCaTiOn everyone seems to be talking about but nobody is taking action? We don’t need another generic American livery for people flying Los Angeles to San Diego or SF!
It’s sad to see American liveries nobody asked for with only 2 votes in #features get added to the game when there are liveries people have been asking for for AGES like Pobeda, a reworked S7 Airlines, Air Serbia, pretty much any Chinese livery being just ignored completely.


There are 7 aircraft that feature the Frontier livery. I think that’s more than enough 🙂