Frontier A321 (Gordon the Golden Eagle livery)

Frontier Airlines operates 21 Airbus A321s in its fleet.
Frontier Airlines received the 21st and the last A321 in its fleet on December 2018. The aircraft is registered as N723FR. It is also named as “Gordon the Golden Eagle”.
Since no one has requested about this livery, then it would be nice to add this livery as the A321 has only one Frontier Airlines livery.

It’s worth my second to last vote

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Can’t wait to see this livery as we have got only in Frontier Airlines livery for the A321. Hopefully to see this livery once the A320 (all variants) are updated with live instruments.

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Cool @Armani_B went on that from MCO-SAN

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Yep I did it was awesome I definitely support this 👍🏽😁


You just got my vote buddy 👍🏽😆

I’ll vote since Frontier is the only ailine with their HQ in Denver

I know. We definitely need more Frontier Airlines liveries for the A321-200.

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Ya i agree with you

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So let’s hope if this livery is added on the 19.3 once the A320 family is equipped with live cockpit.

Let’s see if this livery is added along with other Frontier Airlines liveries on the 19.4 update.

Please, I want to see this Frontier Airlines livery if it can be added in the next update.

Can this livery be added to the A321 on the next update?