Frontier A321-2 To Schiphol From Brussels

Quick Info: I am not pro so I do not have the Berlin area, There for I had to use Düsseldorf sorry.

Calm Flight to Amsterdam . 👋 From Brussels
Aircraft: A321 - 200 Frontier Wolf 🐺
Time: Early Morning, Server: Solo Player, Visibility 100KM, Wind Gusts: 2-3KNTS

Flight Time: 17 Minutes

Aircraft: N704FR (WOLF Livery)
Use: 3.9 Years MSN: Unable to Find this


Thanks for sharing! MSN for N704FR is 6845.


Flying Frontier in Europe? That hurt me 😢

Otherwise, very nice pictures!


It didn’t just hurt you…

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Sorry, Just wanted to fly them. As the A321 Has the “master” screens.

I will usually only fly Ryanair this was just a morning flight I also usually check the info for the flights leaving and arriving. Some routes may differ as I am not pro.

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Little oopsie at the top, That was from my last post at the top about Düsseldorf. I use a template I made for my posts so this happened will make sure to not include it in the next post.

Cool pictures! The sky looks really nice.

6845 :)

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Nice pictures!! But, Frontier in Europe? Lol

Nice pictures :D

Hahah why not :p

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It was in the morning lol, Did not think at all about that, I just wanted to use the Master screens too. Getting pro soon so easyjet And Ryanair and fly be soon :) £
@Menthesuphisth &

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