Frontier A320 "Orville the Cardinal" Livery

We should have definitely have a Frontier livery for the a320. More specifically “Orville the Cardinal” livery. It looks amazing:

*sorry I don’t have the link to the photo. This is not my photo, I found this laying around in my computer.

*Ik there are request for Frontier A320 liveries, but this is a request for a specific one. Please don’t close :)

Comment your thoughts below ------>

I bet @SkyHighGuys would ADORE this!


You are completely wrong. I’m ashamed you said I’d love this. I ADORE THIS!! Oh if only my dreams could be fulfilled and we could have an updated FFT livery in IF. This is like more improtant to me than 3D buildings and Lao the weather stuff. If I could get even one animal frontier livery for the 320 or 321 I I will be satisfied for a very long time.
@K3v1nxu just so you know…I cast my vote with this! :)



Currently we have frontier with the A318…

I would love to see it on the A319NEO and A320 (when added)

That will make it not a overpowered airline in the IF World; but just perfect

Does Frontier even use the A318?? I have never seen a Frontier A318 on FR24

They retired all of their a318’s

Ok that makes more sense

We definitely need a new Frontier livery in IF. This one looks quite nice IMO.

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Maybe one day…one day more! One more day to Frontier Airbus we will gain it very sooooon! (Kudos if you get the right tune)


[Sorry For Bumping]

I think this would be good, as we have gotten 5 new liveries for Frontier in the A320, but only 1 is in the new livery.

Everyone is flying Hugh and I feel like if we had 1 more new livery, then it would be more balanced.

You have my vote!

What do you think?

Yes please!!! This is my favorite Frontier animal and the state bird of my home state of North Carolina! You got my vote!

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I totally want this

I like it. They need to add the lynx too. But this one is still pretty cool

That looks great on a plane