Frontier A320 (new livery)

Although we have the Frontier livery For the A318, we should also have a Frontier Livery for the A320 (new livery). It could be any animal:)

Link to the photo: Airbus Hamburg Finkenwerder News: A320-214SL, Frontier Airlines, N230FR, (MSN 6773)
*ik there are already topics on this feature but I just wanted to create it again so people can vote on this with the new feature.

Stick to the old topic. No need to create a new one. Just like everyone else, use the original topic(s).


Hi there. You’re not allowed to request two Features in one topic - please do one request per topic.

This is a duplicate topic, though. Even with the new voting system, there’s no need to create a new topic for them since the voting system is applied to all Features requests old and new. Simply bump those topics by commenting and vote for it to attract others to do the same. Furthermore, don’t forget to add photo credits as per the new guidelines.

Here are the duplicate topics. Please make sure to search before posting in the future.

Thanks for understanding. :)


One feature for request, remember to search before posting🙂

Alright. Sorry about this. I did know about these guidelines before. Thanks for telling me ;)

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No worries! If you have any other questions regarding the guidelines, don’t hesitate to contact me privately.

But this is a dang good livery. Thank you for attempting to get it up. I may have to continue your great work