Frontier A320 "Finn the Tiger Shark" Livery

what a wonderful livery! Finn happens to rock sharklets ironically too! It’s a newer livery because it has “FlyFrontier.Com” instead of the old “A Whole Different Animal”


The old livery had “Frontier” and had “a whole different animal” next to the door.

Frontier needs some love! Nothing beats Frontier’s livery’s! :)

I <3 Frontier and this livery!


Agreed! Speaking of which they need the Frontier name in the callsign list!!

It doesn’t look bad, but I feel Frontier puts JPGs on their tales.

I correct myself, they added Frontier with the update.

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That is awesome!

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The Frontier livery is on the A318! It has the old animal livery, however


It does have it. It was just added with the Dash 8 update

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Wow! I didn’t think this would get SO much love! Thanks for all the likes that will help get it noticed!

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A great livery for the A320. Would love to have this :)

I know it’s an unspoken rule against bumping up an old topic (except for features), but I found it quite amusing that my local airport shared this thread on their Facebook page!

Btw this would be great to have in the sim.


Don’t Necropost. This topic is a year old.

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Well I think that this plane would be great to have in the sim as well, we we need more Frontier liveries, and making another topic with one still open would be a duplicate.

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Not if it is more than a year old and is if you make a more detailed feature and get permission from a mod to make it

Necroposting doesn’t apply to features… Or does it?

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