Frontier A319 (Flip The Bottlenose Dolphin livery)


Since there is no F9 A319, and I have flown on this plane, I would like to request it. It Would be great in IF.
Frontier was founded in 1994 in Denver and features a unique animal on each of their aircraft.
Flip is the first dolphin in the fleet (Followed by Mia, an A320NEO), and one of the only F9 A319’s left

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What a beautiful livery! 😍😍
I’m out of votes sadly. Although it would be great to see this! I mean just look at the tail though!


Yeah I wish Flip gets added to an A320NEO like some of the older F9 animals have (I.E. Jack the Rabbit)


Oh yes! I am definitely voting for this! I have seen this plane a few times before. Once in Calgary, once in Orlando and once in Phoenix! We also need some F9 liveries on the A319. I would just add a little more detail on Frontier and why you want it.


Flip has already been replaced with Mia on 311 when we phase out the rest of our A319s over the next few years


Giving this a bump! Let’s see if we can get this added.


Hey, frontier got enough in IF, their are other 319 operators which their livery isn’t exist


But there is no F9A319, so I am requesting it.


I would like very much to see more done with airlines such as frontier, JetBlue, etc. that have lots of semi unique liveries…


Very nice livery - but I have more votes.🙂✈✈🙂


Giving this a bump! Hope to see this in Infinte Flight in 2019!


Another bump. Lets get a frontier A319 in the game!


Yes please, this plane is beautiful.


Thanks for your vote. It means a lot to me ;)


Bump! Let’s see if Flip will be added in 2019 :)


Totally needed along with some more new livery’s. the 319 is my plane in IF and I like flying frontier to the Caribbean