Frontier 1166, You’ve Been Intercepted!

SitRep: F-22 Raptor Scrambled Out Of Joint Base Langley-Eustis intercepts a Frontier A320 over the Virginia Coastline.

Server: Expert


Practicing one of the Raptor’s IRL missions I see? Awesome! If you don’t mind, may I suggest some tips for a more realistic interception mission?

Interceptions are done as a team. Raptors intercept as wingmen, connected with an AWACS that relays the TOI’s (Target of Interest) BRA, or bearing, range and altitude. Once in progress, Flight Lead communicates to the TOI while the wingman positions behind TOI for possible shoot downs.

And, regarding Expert Server fighter etiquette, I wouldn’t recommend intercepting random someones on the expert server (unless you’re in a GAF scramble drill, where the setting is controlled and someone volunteers). Intercept the wrong guy and you could get ghosted. Try doing it with a buddy or on the casual server. 😉


Well I didn’t know people felt that way. I’m sorry to the guy I intercepted.