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Hello, 2 minutes ago I have finished flight on FedEx md11 from KSEA to KMEM. When I landed, the back gears touched the ground but the front gear didn’t. Like that’s is no land, like half of the plane was under the ground? But I’m afraiding this will happen again. How can I solve it? Is it just in the md11?

No, it’s not aircraft related but a scenery glitch.

Did You have a strong Wi-Fi connection?

A restart of the app should fix it, however if not then you will need a reinstall.

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Before trying a reinstall as Mags suggested, clear the scenery cache and see if it happens again (Settings -> General -> Scroll down to “Clear Scenery Cache” and click it).


This has happened to me but only on SUPER HARD landings, maybe it was a rough landing? Also clear your scenery cache under “General” and try again.

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Super hard, Ryanair landings, will cause the plane to dip into the ground. Either it was because of the landing or a scenery bug/glitch.

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If none of these work, then try a reinstall. ;)

You are watching Swiss 001 right?

I’m fine thank you, I had weak wifi

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