Front gear bent?

Hi guys,
Something pretty strange just happened at KLAX while taxiing onto the runway to line up and wait. The front gear seemed to be bent and the yoke was stuck - ever happened to anybody before?

I would have attempted to taxi back to parking but didn’t want to get ghosted for not following atc instructions so had to quit the game! You can see from the screenshot the yoke is stuck at an angle

You have the A/P armed which means your heading is stuck at 124 :)

Just disable the autopilot and recalibrate real quick.


Ahh I see! Silly me!!

Now we’re at this topic though… is there a protocol to follow for aborting a take off?

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There is a feature request for this:

I would say that if you had to abort you should exit the runway safely and maybe change your callsign real quick to let the controller know that you are not proceeding with the takeoff. Make sure that when you exit the runway your tail section is across the hold short line and then you would need to either taxi to parking (contact ground as instructed) or if able you could join the holding line of aircraft and give it another go.