From your neighborhood friendly Air Traffic Controller

We’re all in this simulator together, including ATC users!
Let’s remember the point of a realistic simulator is to act like it’s the real thing.
When a ATC gives a command, it’s for a reason! I know some commands from your tower can extend your flight time, but it’s all about the real world experience.
Please remember to help out the community and follow the traffic commands from your tower. We’re here to help make the experience realistic!


If your talking about TS1 - that’s a big issue.

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@Jonathan_Murray. MaxSez: Elementry my dear Johnny! It’s nice to be reminded from time to time that like Google, ATC is your friend. G’Day

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We all know that but when a noob controller is controlling and sends you the opposite way to where you’re suppose to go then…

I say that if a noob controller is controlling, just ignore him and do your own thing the realistic and proper way.

Sadly, half of the users on TS1 probably don’t have an account for IFC or use it regularly, so most of them won’t see this. Not that they should need too🙄

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I’m sorry, but I have to disagree.

  1. First of all, you shouldn’t judge who is a “noob” controller based on one time you have communicated with them. If you think you can, then about 90% of the ATC controllers I’ve met to date in real life would be “noob controllers”.

  2. Secondly, if ATC is giving you an instruction and you want to be realistic, FOLLOW IT! It’s probably for a reason. Just like in real life, if you would listen to your ATC then, you should listen to them here.


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