Hi there today I made a quick hop from Singapore Changi Airport to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. Below are a pics from the flight.

Livery: Carbon livery
Server: Training
Duration: 49min.

Waiting at the gate for pushback clearence.

Rotating out of Singapore Changi Airport.

Cruising at FL150.

On short final runway 32R at Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Parked at gate in Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

Hope you enjoyed them.

Actually I made this flight yesterday but for some reason the screenshots that I made after the flight apeared in my gallery a few hours later and at that time I was sleeping so I uploaded them today.


Nice photos! In reality though, the flight tends to cruise at around FL250. Just in case you didn’t know :)

The second last looks 😍. Great Photos! :)

sick shots not bad! keep it up!