From West To East | Emirates | Airbus A350-900 | KSEA-OMDB

For my next long-haul flight I decided to depart from one of the airports being controlled by ATC for the day; Seattle Tacoma Intl. Airport. Normally, Emirates uses the Boeing 777-300ER for this return flight to Dubai. However, due to the global pandemic, passenger numbers are rather low, making the A350 a great alternative.

Server: Expert
Callsign: Emirates 228 Heavy
Airline: Emirates
Aircraft: Airbus A350-900 XWB
Route: Seattle Tacoma International Airport (KSEA) to Dubai International Airport (OMDB)
Flight time: 14 hours and 19 minutes

Our plane to Dubai parked at the gate

Plenty of aircraft activity on the ground at SeaTac

Departing Seattle

Flying over the Canadian Rockies

Flying over Greenland

Due to my late descent I was forced to circle around the shore of Dubai

Another Emirates A350 observing my final approach towards runway 12R at Dubai Intl.

Butter touchdown (the A350 imo is the easiest aircraft to land)

Watching the same A350 depart

Arrived at Dubai’s Terminal 3, Emirates’ hub

Hope you enjoyed these photos! :)


The A350 is so sleek… 😍


Indeed. It is among my favourite aircraft. Sadly I haven’t flown the Raccoon but I will one day. :)