From West to East\Coast to coast

I did a midnight flight from KLAX to KJFK. Took off at about 9pm and landed at 4am. It was wierd becuase as we took off the sun was long gone, but as I landed the sun was just comming up in the distance.

Aircraft: The beautiful Boeing 787-8 in the beautiful Delta livery.
Time: 21:00-04:00
Server: Training

Standing at gate @ KLAX

Took off out of runway 25R

Took a U-turn facing into America

Cruising at FL320

Nearing East coast

On final

Landed, it was a tricky landing
Standing at gate

Hope you enjoyed my pix. 👍


Very cool! How did you fly in the dark?? I cant lol

I tried my best, it was hard though, lol

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Delta and the dark its perfect also great grease photo i love it

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Nice pictures, thanks for sharing!

I fly about 80% in the dark, you get used to it quite easily.