From Vancouver to the Canadian North!

Hello IFC! As there was ATC at Vancouver I searched some routes from there and I found one that caught my eye as I've never flew there!

As I was cruising I came across some stunning scenery👌
So I got 8 photos here to share with the community!
Hope y’all will enjoy them! 👍

Flight Details

Route: Vancouver (CYVR) 🇨🇦 to Whitehorse (CYXY) 🇨🇦
Flight number: ACA8887 | Callsign: Jazz 887
Aircraft: Bombardier CRJ-900
Flight time: 2 hours and 7 minutes
Cruise Alt: 38,000ft
Server: Expert

Slowly climbing from Vancouver’s shortest runway with quite a heavy load (80%, 35,002kg)

Views of the city of Vancouver with mountains in the background in the clear sky!

I don’t think a comment is needed for this scenery…🤯

Another view but from the window seat!

Views of Whitehorse (didn’t think it was such a tiny town!) and Erik Nielsen Whitehorse International Airport!

Looks like an unstable approach doesn’t it? But it was windy after all though

Honestly I think this is the first time I did a smooth landing with a CRJ!
The landing rate was -130 FPM! Not too bad eh?

So welcome to Whitehorse in Yukon!

When landing here it reminded me that this is the very same place that Korean Air Flight 85 landed on 11th September 2001! If you don’t know anything about this incident click here

If you’ve made it here, thank you for checking out all my photos!
I’d also really appreciate any comments and likes!

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Did you know anything about Korean Air Flight 85?

  • I know everything about it!
  • Never heard of it before!

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Nice shots! I’m glad Canada was featured today. 😊

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Thank you 😁

Fantastic pictures, and what a great scenery!
Very nice post.

What’s about that flight here though?

Thanks for sharing!

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Here is a wiki page about the flight. You gain the knowledge about this accident.

Thank so much for the kind words!
I linked a YT video from the The Flight Channel about that flight and you can find it below the last photo!

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I didn’t manage to find that for reasons beyond my understanding… ;) Thanks!

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