From the Wörthersee lake to the bustling city of Zürich

Yesterday, the wonderful Zürich Airport was a hub and I was looking for a nice GA route above the Alps to fly and I think I found one of the best : Klagenfurt - Zürich. I decided to fly with the lovely TBM and flight time was 58 minutes at a cruising altitude of 14500 and 12500ft.
🇦🇹 - 🇨🇭.

Preparing for our flight in Klagenfurt.


After takeoff we had the chance to fly above the beautiful city of Klagenfurt as well as the Wörthersee lake!

For the next few pictures I will let you admire the magestic beauty of the Alps. What I really like is seeing valleys from up high. It’s nice to see how they make their way between the mountains!

Flying over Liechtenstein, one of the smallest countries in the world and the only one to be situated entirely in the Alps. In this photo we are flying above the capital of the country, Vaduz.

Being vectored by approach into a busy Zürich airport!

On short final for runway 16!

Parked at the GA Apron while we do a bit of plane spotting!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. See you next time!


The Alps are always a fun place to be in the TBM! I’d definitely reccomend flying from somewhere like Munich, Freidrichshafen, or Zurich to Milan!

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