From the World's Most Populous Capital City to Earth's Highest Region

So… after getting a bunch of unfair overspeed violations a few days ago I got downgraded to grade 2.

As a result of being in Training Server for a week I am choosing to do only non-generic flights in non-generic places in the next 7 days, in continents like Africa, Asia… you get the idea… (as I always did in IF anyway) definitely not USA 🤮

For today I decided to do some flying around China as it’s surprisingly one of my least visited countries in IF despite it’s size, huge number of airports yet it has a variety of peng scenery.

Flight Details

Server: Training
Departure: Beijing, China [ZBAA] 🇨🇳
Arrival: Lhasa, Tibet, China [ZULS] 🇨🇳
Flight No: CA4125 | Callsign: Air China 4125
Aircraft: Airbus A319
Flight Time: 3 hours & 49 mins
Cruising Alt: 36,100ft

Routine takeoff from Beijing Capital

Flying directly over the city of Xi’an

Flying directly over the city of Chengdu

Now… the best part of this flight and the one you’ve been waiting to see…
Approaching the Himalayas now

Came across some valleys in this extremely high region

Cruising at 36,100 feet here but the AGL varies between as low as 17,000ft - 20,000ft… mental

Turning onto final in Lhasa Gonggar Airport

Hand flying this aircraft at a low speed at such a high altitude was a really strange experience, like sometimes it wasn’t really responding to my inputs… idk but it was fun

Here we are at the complete opposite side of China in the Tibet Region in Lhasa which is at a mind boggling 11,712 feet above sea level

And to think that this isn’t even the highest airport in this region…

Thanks for watching!
Lemme know which was your most favourite, I appreciate it!

  • Pic 1 - Takeoff from Beijing
  • Pic 2 - Views of Xi’an
  • Pic 3 - Views of Chengdu
  • Pic 4 - Approaching the Himalayas
  • Pic 5 - Valley View
  • Pic 6 - Wing View
  • Pic 7 - Turning onto final
  • Pic 8 - Landing at Lhasa
  • Pic 9 - Parked at Lhasa

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I love China’s terrain!! Nice pictures, they’re amazing!


Thanks for the kind words and I fully agree!
If only we had more Chinese liveries in IF ☹️

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Yeah, hopefully they add some Air China liveries on some of the reworked 777s to come.

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I love the Valley View Picture! Lots of different colours and contrasts!

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Neat photos, Igor 🥂

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Awesome shots,
that route is definitely on my bucket list!

There are many beautiful regions out there, people just need to accept that and try something new for a change! ;)


Thank you @Kyle @DimitriB 😌
That’s facts @Charlieab29, people need to give other continents equal attention unlike USA 🤮
Glad that route made your bucket list, however if the 4 hour flight from Beijing is too long for you, you can also fly to Lhasa from Chengdu instead which is just 1 hour! 😉


I flew to Lhasa a couple of days ago and tried the 09 visual approach. It’s not particularly difficult but it looks amazing. Definitely going to revisit the region in the near future. China is very underappreciated and I’m glad I realized that.

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