From the Windy City to the Busiest Airport during Covid

I did a flight yesterday from Chicago O’Hare International to Dallas Fort Worth International. This flight is operated in real life with an American 787-8, but since we don’t have the AA 787-8 I used the 787-9. Feedback is appreciated for these photos.

Flight Details
  • Aircraft: American Airlines 787-9

  • Flight Time: 2:00

  • Route: KORD - KDFW

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Cool pictures and nice editing!

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Haha, touchdown is the most attractive moment of an aircraft.


It does depend on the scenery too though


Nice pictures, I have one question, how did you make the gear tilt, I would like to do that on the 787

I think he took that picture right after the he put the gear down, I think it’s animated and makes it look like gear tilt for a sec

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Cool pics btw

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I take the screenshot right after the gear comes down. It makes it look like there is a gear tilt for about 2 seconds.

Ok. Thanks

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