From The West Coast To The 3rd Biggest African City

Hello, guys! Over the next few days, I will be pretty active in the Screenshots category, so stay tuned.

Today’s screenshots are from a flight I did with my good friend @AlphaSeven from Los Angeles to Cairo a while back. We stopped in Dublin for a short while on our way to Cairo.

Flight Details

Aircraft: Aer Lingus Airbus A350
Total Fligth time: 14h 24min
Server: Expert

Preparing for the 14-hour flight session.

@AlphaSeven starts his takeoff roll.

…And off I go!

After an overnight journey, we came in for a smooth landing in Dublin as the sun was rising.

Taking a break…

A gear-mounted camera caught me taxiing!

Crossing the Danube and entering Bulgarian airspace.

We see some land after crossing the Mediterranean, that’s always nice!

The usual back-of-the-cockpit view, which is always necessary

… And touchdown!

All images were edited, even slightly.

A disclaimer I want to make is that, on some screens, the colours may be off. For an example, on some pictures, the amount of yellow has been increased slightly, but depending on the screen you’re looking at the image with, white parts might look yellow like cheese and yellow parts might look orange. This is due to colour calibration.

I hope you enjoyed my screenshots. Any critique, tips, opinions and comments are awaited, respected and appreciated!


Hey nice photos! I beleive I found a minor typo btw

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Oh yeah, thank you!

Great shots! Such a pity the spiral on the engine isn’t HD ):

Stay safe:)

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Ooh la la! great pics!

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3rd shot is the best

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Had a great flight with you! Was quite risky too because I had a physics test just after takeoff from Dublin 😂

Great shots, I’m loving those sun glares. Keep It up!

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I sure will, my friend!

Also, thank you to @Nekonsultr @Sashaz55 and @Rian16 for the kind words regarding my screenshots :)


Might start putting some text on my photos too, really makes them better!
Love the sunset photos and the shot of the Romanian Bulgarian border, that’s prob my fav one!

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That sun shot is amazing! Out of this world.

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Thank you! I like this one the most, it took me quite a bit of time to edit.

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I bet! Keep up the good work. 👍🏻

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I sure will! I will upload some more screenshots tomorrow if I have time to edit them.

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Nice picture,good job!

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very unique, especially the last one.
how did you take that shot? guessing you used the free mode camera.

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Yeah, free camera. If I recall correctly, I used free cam for all of the shots.