From The twin cities to the City of trees

Aight so yesterday I did a flight that I’d done IRL abt a month ago.

Flight info…
Flight time- 2H 47Min
Aircraft- A320
Livery- Delta Airlines
Cruise altitude- FL340
Server- Expert

Story of the flight.
So originally I was going to fly this route 30min before I did but then I had to leave the game while taxiing. So I came back 30 minutes later and the same plane that was there when I was online 30 minutes earlier was still at the gate. So I pushed back taxid out to runway 12L and almost overran the runway cause I rotated a little late. I climbed out and for the next hour I was hitting light to moderate turbulence and a 122kt headwind. After that hour I got an hour of smooth flying. Then i encountered some more light turbulence till I landed in KBOI.
Now for the screenshots…

Boarding at gate C3 with a 737-900 at another gate headed to Santo Domingo

Rotate’ time as Swiss001 says.

Overflying the airport at 13 thousand ft after a turn

Cruising over Yellowstone Lake

Captain Janine takes the controls and gives Bill a rest as we get a nice view of the Grand Tetons

Starting my descent over Craters of the moon lava flows

Turning Final 10L KBOI

A late greasing

Deplaning the passengers.

Which pic was your favorite?

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Thanks for stopping by and as always Constructive criticism is encouraged and accepted.

Happy flying and merry Christmas- Stormy.


Nice shots!

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Thanks! (10 characters)

really cool photos and nice route!

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Thanks. I’ll definitely be flying this one again.

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