From the tip to the end of the Philippines

Today’s flight takes the passengers from Manila, located in the northern part of the Philippines, all the way down to Davao, located at the southern part of the Philippines. This flight proved to be very amusing as there were beautiful mountains, islands, and rivers along the way.

Flight information 
· Route: RPLL - RPMD / MNL - DVO
· Airline and aircraft: Cebu Pacific / CEB A319-100
· Server: Training
· Flying time: 2:05 hours

Lining up for runway 06


Metro Manila


A river/swamp I don’t know the name of, but it’s nice I guess?

Islands and more W O T E R

Banking for final… perhaps my favorite shot of all

Windy 20 knots crosswind landing

Yooo we didn’t crash today! :D

Conclusion: The Philippines has nice scenery, so go fly there if you enjoy island-hopping, just make sure your aircraft doesn’t end up in the water with you


Wow, nice shots! Is your destination RPVD or RPMD?

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RPMD, sorry for the typo :/

also thanks btw

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its ok! by the way we have a local group, you can join us! just DM me. =)

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Nice photos!

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