From the Sunset to the Moonrise // KBOS-KJFK // CRJ-900

As the sun was setting in the Northeast, the moon was rising and shining bright on this flight from Boston to New York on a very windy, rainy day.


Server: Expert
Flight Time: 0:51
Aircraft: CRJ-900
Airline: Delta Connection
Callsign: Endeavor 4854

Boarding our passengers as we prepare for our flight to New York

Leaving Boston with low visibility with the moon glowing

As the glowing moon began to rise, the sun began to set

Inside the cabin as we are getting battered with 70 knot winds

The pilots viewing the last moments of the sun before it sinks behind the horizon

The moon glowing through the thick fog in New York as we put our gear down

On final approach

Moments before a rough touchdown due to the 30 knot winds and a 77W departing

Down the aisle with the lights glowing blue as we get ready to disembark

Welcome to New York, thanks for flying with us!


Amazing shots, keep up the good work!

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@Alexandre thank you!

Man, this was beautiful!!

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The interior pictures are always the best in the CRJ series.

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@ButterMachine I agree and @JGordon thanks man

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It’s Seb’s Death Star! 😜

Great photos, @KSS! I love the interior photos there, something you don’t see everyday.


@Butter_Boi lol and thanks

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I loved all the photos!! Number 10 is my favorite!

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@Carlos_Camacho thank you