From the Sunny Bay Area to a Golden Hour in the Pacific Northwest

Alaska 40 from SFO-SEA, Flight time was 1 hour 24 minutes in an A320 in Expert Server

Rotating off of 28L Turning north as we climb at 2500 feet per minute Amazing terrain in Northern California and Southern Oregon Turning toward Sea-Tac with Mountains to our East and West Turning on approach to line up with Runway 16C Final Approach from the flight deck Touchdown at 135 knots

Please let me know what you think, and your favorite photo!


I like Number Two!

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Love number 1 it’s looks clean!!!

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It was a pretty smooth takeoff with a 20 knot wind into my face and a little to the left

Number 1 and 2 are good. San Bruno mountain as the backdrop makes a good shot!

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It always does!

That landing was buttery

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