From the States to the Cape

Hey guys, I’m back with some more pictures from my recent long haul flight! With Cape Town in the ATC schedule, I decided to fly United’s KEWR-FACT route, which the airline started last December. With the addition of this route, United officially became a 6 continent airline once again. I thought this would be a fun route to fly as it’s one of only 2 flights from New York to South Africa, and the only one from Newark. United is also the only US based carrier to fly to Cape Town!
Now, let’s move on to some pics!

Route and flight info:

Departure airport: Newark (KEWR)

Arrival Airport: Cape Town (FACT)

Flight time: 15 hours & 33 minutes

Aircraft: Boeing 787-9, United

Callsign: UAL1122 Heavy

Server: Expert

Rotating out of KEWR’s runway 4L during a New York nighttime.

Flying above a sleeping Bermuda at FL350. Hello, @IF_Vamp!

The first rays of the morning sun hit the 787 above the Atlantic.

Finally, after 14 hours, we have sights on the coast of South Africa!

We’re above the outskirts of Cape Town now, right in front of FACT airport. However, we’ve got a bit to go before we land now that we’re in @Prashant_Divedi approach pattern.

Passengers on the right side of the plane get a good view of the Cape Town coastline while in the approach pattern.

Finally, after nearly 15 hours, we touch down in Cape Town while other aircraft wait to depart. Thanks for the tower, @Will_A!

Oh, and after a long flight like that, I just had to butter that landing!

Thanks for following along! If you’ve got a favorite, let me know! It was fun to fly such a long route, and I had a great time! Thanks to all IFATC in Cape Town that did such a great job bringing planes in and out!


Cape Town is Awesome! And that is a flight I really want to try even though it’s looooong. And what time did you land in Cape Town


Amazing Pics, Stay safe.

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Landed in Cape Town around 18:50Z.

And yup, it’s long! It was made even longer by the amount of planes trying to land at the airport, but the IFATC guys kept everything in order!

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Why hello to you to!

You flew over Bermuda and didn’t say hi to @anon41771314?

Jokes aside, lovely shots.

yes I’m big sad I didn’t get a hi

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Nice shots! I’ve always wanted to fly that route in real life, but I never got the chance. Looks very scenic. Also,

I thought this would be a fun route to fly as it’s one of only 2 flights from New York to South Africa, and the only one from Newark.

Not to call you out, but Ethiopian also flies from Newark to Lome.

South Africa, not just Africa. There’s a lot more flights to Africa from NYC, Delta flies to Lagos, Accra, and Dakar all from JFK for example.

Lomé is in Togo. The only 2 flights to South Africa as I mentioned are South African Airways flight to Johannesburg from JFK and this one from Newark.

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Ah, my bad. Great shots, though!

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