From the South’s of Germany and across asia to japan

Well Lufthansa is also retiring the A380s (or some) I use it for another busy day around Japan and almost has a shenanigan doing this, it took long enough by doing cruising speed and altitude
Flight Time: 10:55
Aircraft: Airbus A380-800
Livery:Lufthansa (not the new one)
Flying out of Munich

Passing by Pravdinskiy at night

A380 Moonshot

Many hours later as I fly across the middle of Russia

Cruising around Lake Khanka

Out of Primorsky Krai And onward to japan

Tokyo Bound

Well…I had to go around since the A321 ANA just lined up when I was short final

Landed into busy Tokyo (Haneda) international Airport


Interesting route. I like the last picture. 👍

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And I just comleted the world schortest A380 flight wich was around 42mins long from Dubai to Muscat.

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