From the Seas to the Capes Vol. 1 - An Aegean Virtual and South African Virtual Event Series @ LGAV - 291700ZSEP18

Sorry I found out that I can not make the event

Make sure to grab a gate while you still can!

The event is going to take place in less than a week! Save a spot before all the gates are full!

Hi, I’ll take gate B09. Not in SAAVA.
Callsign: Springbok 219

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Roger that. Thank you for joining!

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Alright, See you there!

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just found out i won’t be able to make it… super sorry and good luck with the event!

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May I have a gate?

Just a reminder that this awesome series of events starts tomorrow. If you have not signed up for this event, make sure you reserve yourself a gate, there are only a few left!

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Roger that!

@alekkacpura an AOVA gate opened up. Changed your gate to AO5. @classbravo553 thanks for joining! Your gate is B11!

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Standby List!

Our event in now full due to capacity. There will be a standby list. If someone fails to aparear in 5 min after spawn time without prior notice, the first person on standby will take the gate and fly!



May I please have a gate

Yes. And spawn now please. You can take gate A11 for AOVA (Olympic B747

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