From the Seas to the Capes Vol. 1 - An Aegean Virtual and South African Virtual Event Series @ LGAV - 291700ZSEP18

Something new that has been in the works…

From the Seas to the Capes

To further boost Aegean Virtual and South African Virtual’s cooperation, we have decided to embark on a 10-leg journey as we journey from AOVA’s hub in Athens to one of SAAVA’s hubs in Cape Town! We will fly each leg with the Queen of the Skies - the majestic Boeing 747, with our respective liveries.

For Vol. 1, we depart Aegean Virtual’s hub in Athens (ATH/LGAV), a modern metropolis known as the cradle of western civilization, as we head for Rhodes, another of Aegean’s hubs (RHO/LGRP)

About Rhodes

Rhodes is the largest island in the Dodecanese islands group and the second largest island in Greece after Crete. It used to be the home of the ancient Colossus of Rhodes, which is one of the Seven World Wonders! Today, it is known for its amazing beach resorts, warm weather and sunshine, which makes it an ideal tourist destination. We will be flying to its main airport, Rhodes Diagoras Airport, named after an ancient philosopher from Rhodes.

Flight Information

Departing Airport: LGAV
Arrival Airport: LGRP
Runways in Use: Depends on winds, attendants will be informed in due time
Aircraft: B747-200 - Olympic livery, B747-200 - South African livery
Date and Time: September 29, 2018 5:00 PM
Server: Training Server 1

Gate Information & ATC

To request you gate, simply post your desired gate and what livery you will be flying. You do not need to be in either of these VAs to participate, but please do adhere to the aircraft and livery guidelines.

Olympic Livery

Gate Username In AOVA
A01 @Moonlit YES
A03 @MathAviation7 YES
A05 @alekkacpura NO
A07 @NeperQiell YES
A09 @Pascal2910 YES
A11 @Melvo077 NO
A13 @APH71 NO

South African Livery

Gate Username In SAAVA
B01 @Owain_G YES
B03 @Emmanuel_Mgilane YES
B05 @esant_15 NO
B07 @Rishon_R NO
B90 @classbravo553 NO


Position Username In SAAVA / AOVA
LGAV Ground @QFA_12 NO
LGAV Tower @QFA_12 NO
LGRP Approach
LGRP Tower @QFA_12 NO
LGRP Ground @QFA_12 NO

Event Hosts

This event is co-hosted by Aegean Virtual and South African Virtual. If you would like to experience a fun and professional atmosphere within the IFC, make sure to check out these VAs!

Aegean Virtual Airlines (AOVA)

South African Airways Virtual Airline (SAAVA)

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@Owain_G, @Moonlit and @MathAviation7, you have been added.

Can’t wait for all these events 😁

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olympic 747 AOVA120.

Roger that. Will add you! Thanks for joining.

@Emmanuel_Mgilane you have been added by arrangements via PM. Thanks for joining.

Lovely idea! I want to join too


Great to see everyone is joining! Will get you a gate!

I would love to join. I’m AOVA119


Can I have B05, and i’m not in SAAVA.

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Add me please! I wanna fly with you guys


@Feurum, @Pascal2910 and @esant_15 thanks for joining! I have added given you gates!


Event Update: ATC

If anyone is interested on doing ATC, please reply on this thread! I have added ATC Positions for both LGRP and LGAV!

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I’ll do ground/tower for both

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Thank you very much! I will add you

add me please id like to take part

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Make sure to specify whether you’d like Olympic or South African 😉

Any gate
AOVA 0971


olympic livery any gate


Thank you for joining the event! I have added both of you. Unfortunately as @APH71 replied first @alekkacpura you will have to take a SAVA gate. Sorry for the inconvenience!

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