From the Rush of Northern California to the Calm Hawaiian Islands

Today I flew KSFO-PHKO (San Francisco to Kona). Expert Server, Flight time was 4 hours 50 minutes in a United 737-900. I took off during my 10:45 lunch at school, flew over the Pacific and descended and landed in Kona about 30 minutes after I got home.

Parked at the gate as 787 bound for Tokyo takes off
The San Francisco coast from the left wing of the plane The last view of the mainland U.S. The Big Island comes into view about 150 miles to Kona International Approaching Kona over the Waipio Valley
Final Approach into Kona 🌺


Beautiful, I love Hawaii. My favorite are all of the mountains. ;)

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Who doesn’t love Hawaii! And the mountains are definitely amazing

Beautiful pics.

Uh, yeah… I call that breakfast.

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Not when I have to wake up at 6am 😭

Very nice scenery!

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