From the Red Sea to Singapore

Yesterday I completed the next stage of my tour of the world’s coastlines. This time between Ismailia, Egypt, and Singapore. I left Ismailia (HE44) on April 14 flying to the Red Sea and then south along the western and eastern coasts of the Arabian Peninsula, then around the Persian Gulf, and on to Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Myanmar, Thailand and Malaysia . The final flight was from Kuala Lumpur (WMSA) and I landed in Singapore (WSSS) yesterday evening. The total flight distance, following the coastlines, was 8596 nM, and total flight time was 55 hours and 51 minutes, landing at 58 different airports. All flights were in GA aircraft and individual flights averaged 59 minutes.
On left base for WSSS in Singapore with moon rising.


I don’t disagree with you that I should have posted this yesterday when it was still live. My similar posts have been posted in Live at the beginning of the final flight. This time I was a little slow. Will try and do better next time. As for screen shots, I only added a picture as a afterthought. It is not the reason for the post.

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