From the Random Islands of the Pacific, to the Scenic Views on the Reef Runway


So you may or may not know that I’m a huge fan of airports in random small Pacific or Caribbean islands. I always love flying around these islands and with the FNF being in Hawaii, which is one of my favorite places in the world. It was the perfect opportunity as Honolulu has many flights to the South Pacific. I wanted to fly into my 2 favorite Hawaiian airports (Kona and Hilo), but Hilo only has flights between the islands and to Los Angeles. And, as badly as I wanted to, I didn’t fly into Kona because I want to fly and post Dallas to Kona when the 777 is released. I looked around for some random islands, but settled on Pago Pago, in American Samoa. American Samoa is a US Territory, so It is the farthest you can get from Washington DC without a passport (Guam is farther on a direct line, but the stop in Honolulu for this flight makes it longer because of how far South American Samoa is). Hawaiian flies this route in real life (when there’s not a pandemic running around) just a couple times a week, and they use their A330-200s on it, they used the 767s but once those were retired they switched to the 330s. Since we don’t have the Hawaiian A330 in game, I used the 767 which I was surprised with how much I enjoyed using it. The flight was super fun because of how random Pago Pago is, and flight time was 5 hours and 9 minutes.

Flight Details

Pago Pago to Honolulu
American Samoa to Hawaii
Hawaiian 443 Heavy
Boeing 767-300

Rolling onto the runway after a short backtaxi Rotating off of the 10,000 foot runway in Pago Pago Goodbye American Samoa, next stop the United States newest state! Good views of the Moon as we look at absolutely nothing for 4 and a half hours out first Island if view is of the Big Island as we cruise above possibly my favorite place on Earth, Kailua-Kona Descending past the famous Diamond Head Crater in Honolulu Gear down, after 5 hours over the Pacific Enjoying the view of my favorite approach in Honolulu, the visual to the Reef Runway, 8R Touching down in the Hawaiian capital! Pulling into the gate as a United 777 pushes back for San Francisco

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

Along with Samoan, what is the other official language of American Samoa?

  • French
  • Polynesian
  • English

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First! Amazing pictures!

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I almost flew this route yesterday but decided not to, great shots!


p a g o p a g o


@KindaTartySliceOfPie thanks a lot! And ummm congrats I guess 😂

@Sashaz55 wellllll you should regret it, it’s an awesome flight lol

@Suhas p a g o p a g o, is very c o o l c o o l


Thank you for these amazing shots!

I may not be a man of culture for British airports, but hopping amongst the

  1. Caribbean
  2. Bahamas
  3. Hawaii

I am the only tea sipping humanoid who will not skip an Island hop!

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I love hopping around all of those places! I’m probably going to do a few of those tonight since you brought those up, they’re so much fun!


Surprised it isn’t Kona for once.

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I did this exact route and posted photos for it as well, great photos!

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It’s great to see more 767s around

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Ah yes, Samoa. The land where you can basically time travel back 24 hours from regular Samoa :^)

Great shots, Noah!

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Those are some awesome pictures and they are some very good edits! 🔥

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Fantastic pictures all around! The Sunrise departure, the stunning scenery and the B767 make for a great topic as usual. Thanks for sharing!

Also I feel like I didn’t really master the quiz today…

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@anon41771314 I loveeee Hawaii. And as for Mona, I wanted to, trust me, but I have to save it for Dallas to Kona in the 772

@Pilot_Felix I was looking at this route and a few tigers but after I saw yours I knew I wanted to fly this route!

@Khainto as buttery as A330s are, I was actually surprised at how much I actually liked flying the 767! I’m definitely going to fly it more often

@Tsumia if I were them, on New Years Eve 2019, I would’ve gone straight back to other Samoa as soon as the clock went to 12:00 AM, January 1, 2020 😂

@Kuba_Jaroszczy thanks Kuba! I’m happy you like the editing 😊

@JulianB thanks as always Julian! Sunrises on random islands are awesome, especially when the aircraft seems like it takes up half of the airport! And I actually loved flying the 767, it’s not as messed up as I thought it would so I enjoyed it.

I’m also happy about the options for the quiz, I don’t think there was a clear answer lol


What I find funny is that picture 3 is an inside view of this from my pictures, this is mine from outside after departure!

Also similar landing pictures! Definitely a great route!

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Mona Lisa?

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I was doing the same thing yesterday as well lol.

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Yep, the Mona Lisa in Paris, to Kona

I’m too tired to go edit the reply

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Its suchhhh a fun route!

welcome to my world

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