From the Rainforests of Central America to a Sunset in the Caribbean

Tegucigalpa to Port of Spain Piarco

It’s Friday! So you know what that means (I’m sure you don’t). It’s my weekly 757 awareness post. For this week I have an interesting post from Tegucigalpa in Honduras and Central America, to Trinidad and Tobago, in the Caribbean or South America because you can look at it both ways. Even though I’m sure it’s categorized as one or the other. Whenever I’m randomly looking at FlightRadar24 I see a lot of DHL 757s in Central and South America and yesterday I saw one flying Panama City to Port of Spain Piarco, so I decided to go a little North of Panama and into Tegucigalpa and fly from there to Port of Spain. I have mixed feelings about the livery, on one hand I think the red lettering looks really cool on a 757 but on the other, it looks like a McDonalds Ad campaign. I took off just after 3PM Eastern so I landed at sunset with a flight time of 3 hours and 19 minutes.

Flight Details

Tegucigalpa to Port of Spain
DHL 643
Boeing 757-200
@Philippe_Gilbert @JulianB

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A steep climb out of Tegucigalpa ready to go to the sands of the Caribbean Turning Southeast back over the city Over the Mountain ranges of Northern South America and Colombia Cruising above the Venezuelan Island of Nueva Esparta Flying toward the Mountainous Caribbean island as the sun begins to set Touching down in Trinidad and Tobago! Unloading our cargo as a Caribbean inter-Island 737 comes into land

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

What is the main source of income in Trinidad and Tobago?

  • Fishing
  • Tourism
  • Natural Gas and Oil

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And as I’ve said with the 757 posts, if you have any good routes let me know!

A nice route I don’t see often is from BIKF to PANC on the Icelandair 757.

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Those foggy mountains are gorgeous!


These are awesome! The 757 awareness thing is a great idea too!

I have a good 757 route. Park at Concourse B at PANC in a Delta 757. Pushback, taxi to Runway 33, takeoff from runway 33, follow the NOEND4 departure, climb to 37,000 feet, begin descent after four or five hours, follow a STAR into KMSP, make butter at KMSP, Park at the Delta terminal at KMSP, and make a 757 awareness topic about your realistic 757 flight from PANC to KMSP.

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Everything is awesome! From the 757, to the DHL livery, the mountains, and the islands, amazing. Well done, @NoahM!

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Dare I say it, this may be one of my favorite topics from you ever!

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You should fly Icelandair 757 from Reykjavik. That would be interesting.

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I’m kinda surprised you haven’t done anything on St. Maarten, unless I’m missing it. Maybe PHL to SXM with the American 757? That was one of the old routes before retirement.

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@PilotDog I’m definitely gonna do an Icelandair route! I don’t know if I’m gonna do that one though because there won’t be much scenery because most of the flight will be above 60 North

@Jack_Q oh they are 🤤

@anon38496261 I would butttttt i literally just flew that route in the opposite direction last week

@Butter_Boi thanks so much, I love my random islands, and foggy mountains are always cool! 😊

@snoman ooooooh yay, besides when you said you didn’t like Dr Pepper earlier, thanks!

@Philippe_Gilbert I’m definitely gonna fly Icelandair to Seattle, Vancouver or Portland!

@Ishrion that’s a good one I might try, would fit well with the US Air 757


I would prefer if you flew to Europe, say Rome, Zürich or Munich.

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I think I would have to say those are some of the best IF pics i’ve seen

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@NoahM can I start doing a weekly 757 awareness flight? 😂


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The third photo is so good it looks like there is clouds 😍


Those are good ones I might try, at least right now I’m flying Hong Kong to Paris and I’ll post that in a few days :)

@Micah_Brazil that means a lot, thanks!

@PilotDog you should!!! And if you make #screenshots-and-videos posts about it, tag me so I can see them :D

@shatti thank you! :)


This picture 😍

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I love Mountain and fog pictures too! 😊 thanks Abdulla!

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