From the Persian Gulf coast to the Puget Sound

These images are not edited and times were altered only slightly.

@Aviatorwyatt and I decided on doing a nice overnight flight from DOH-SEA.

  • This flight was done on the Expert Server

  • Flight time (in air) - 14 hours and 39 minutes, total flight time was 15 hours and 1 minute.


  • FL330 → FL350 → FL370 → FL390.

  • Boeing 777-200LR

Ground crew taking a picture of the 2 beasts from a fuel truck.

Parallel takeoff with @champagnepapi on their way to Frankfurt.

Cruising above Khorasan Ostan-e, Iran.

After 13 hours of flying we are on short final with Mt. (___) in the background. (Which mountain is this?)

Holding short runway 16L with a Cargolux queen departing.

Taxing under the passenger walkbridge connecting the South Satellite to the Main Terminal.

Final resting position with @Aviatorwyatt and others.

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I ended up falling asleep and ended the flight when I found my self circling over Frankfurt 😭😭

Mount Loading Screen

Great shots!

Hey there! Amazing pictures! I’d recommend to change the question from a rating to a survey, that way, percentages of which pictures people liked best can be displayed. Cheers mate!

Yo drake i didnt know u played infinite flight

Wow! Amazing shots!

Nice shots! If I remember correctly the mountain is Mt. Reindeer 😂

(Jk lol)

No I’m drakes’ pier to try an cousin champagnepablo