From the North to the Great North!

From the North to the Great North!

Today, I decided to take an early morning long haul into our ATC regions, taking a rather unusual (and surprisingly short) great circle route to get to where I was going. Join me for an adventure across the Great North! This will also be an experiment on my photo-taking skills! Note - Times are shifted to benefit the picture quality!

I woke up at 0900Z (4:00 my time) to fly. Welcome aboard Aeroflot Flight 85!

After a long taxi to Runway 4L, we are on our way! Enjoy the flight!

As we complete our main climb, we pass by Montreal’s Trudeau International Airport.

After passing over a very small chunk of Greenland, we prepare to traverse the polar north. It’s do-or-die from this point onward. No stops until Russia. We are greeted by the lonely civilians of Alert, Canada; one of the world’s northernmost cities.

The first glimmer of civilization - the northern islands of Russia.

Welcome to Dikson, and to all of the Russians coming home, welcome home!

After step climbing my way to glory and playing some Atari Breakout as my reward, we descended into Novosibirsk, Siberia.

As I intercept the ILS Localizer and start my final descent into UNNT, you can see the lights of Runway 25 in the background and the Ob River in the foreground.

The last two pictures don’t need any explaining. The pictures say it all.

After ten hours and thirty minutes of flight, we have reached our destination, Novosibirsk. Good night to all of you!

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Whose are all very nice pictures, great job :)

I believe I saw you when you took off im not sure but you probably passed over my airspace

Never mind…upon further inspection of the picture turnout, I will not upload the raw content tomorrow. They were better than I thought.

Canadian Team ! (Picture 3)

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New York isn’t the north Canada is 😂

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I was talking about pic 3 😂

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