From the Nice City of Dallas to the Middle Of Russia via The Chinese Capital

Hi guys,

As apart of my own schedule. I was assigned 2 flights, the first leg was from Dallas to Beijing, I had a 2 hour transit in Beijing Capital. I picked up my bags once I arrived from my American Airlines Flight and went to the lounge. After I went to my gate and prepared the next flight to Novosibirsk, Russia on S7 Airlines.

Flight Details

Aircraft: American B777-300ER and S7 Airlines A319
Flight Time: 13hrs 45mins and then 4hrs 20mins
Departure time: 0900Z (Dallas)
Arrival at Final Destination: 0400Z (Novosibirsk)

(First leg) American Airlines: KDFW - ZBAA

We departed KDFW at around 4am local time.

After 1hr 30mins we have a nice Golden Wing View with lots of fog over Nevada

A moonshot around Canada

After 13hrs and 45mins we touch down in Beijing Capital International Airport and ending it with a greasy landing 👌

After the transit in ZBAA I then headed to the cockpit of an S7 Airline A319 which I flew from Beijing to Novosibirsk Tolmachevo Airport and we prepare the FPL and the Briefing for the flight.

After takeoff we experience severe turbulence (At least no one threw up)

Cruising over FL320 above Irkutsk, Russia

Final Approach in Novosibirsk

Final Remarks!

Thanks for joining me on this 17 hour journey from the US to Russia!

Let me know which photo was your favourite!

Also let me know which routes I should do next time!

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That was amazing, thanks so much for sharing! That wing view looked so beautiful…

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Do you mean contrails?

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Sure :)

No, I mean what I said :)


Thank you, the wing was just a test but decided to post it

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I’m not so sure about the glare in picture 4 haha but the rest are wonderful great job 😃

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Thanks @Liam06 , I think I overdid number 4 a bit too much

there’s always room for improvement - Sensei SahyaQFFlyer

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