From the mountains to the beaches: Edelweiss 222 Zurich to Jerez

Since a few months I only fly realistic flights of SWISS holiday sister airline Edelweiss. In this post I will share pictures from a flight from Edelweiss’ homebase Zurich to Jerez de la Frontera in Spain, close to the border with Portugal (Frontera is Spanish for border). Jerez is a great entry point for tourists to the Spanish region Andalusia and it’s beaches, and one of the many seasonal destinations of Edelweiss.

The flight took place on 28 July 2019 from Zürich (LSZH) to Jerez (LEJR), with a afternoon departure on expert server. The real aircraft used was HB-IJU (a A320).

Thanks for reading! I hope you will enjoy the pictures and would appreciate your comments!

1.Climbing out of Zurich with the amazing scenery of the alps in the background!

2. Climbing via the SID: Zurich airport, Zurich and Lake Zurich as well as the alps in the fantastic background!

3. Approaching Jerez along the agriculture around the river Rio Gualdaquivir.

4.On final to Jerez‘s runway 20.

5. Passing the threshold of RWY 20.

6. Nearly there…

7. Landed in beautiful Spain. For me only a 1h turnaround in the sunshine and then back to Zurich!


That looked like a nice landing, nice pics!

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Thank you!

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