From the Mountains of Taiwan to the Deserts of the Middle East

A couple of weeks ago I was in the mood to fly the 777-200LR/F, mainly because I think that airplane is really cool because the fuselage and engines especially, are really thicc . As you probably Etihad and Etihad Cargo are based out of Abu Dhabi (OMAA) so I was looking for a good overnighter in since the New Etihad livery is amazing in my opinion, and if you disagree, you’re wrong. It looks amazing on the 777-200F. Taipei is on Taiwan is separated from China by the Taiwan Strait and just north of the Philippines. Taipei has a stunning departure with the Central Mountain Rnage clearly visible. I took off around 10PM EST if I remember correctly and flight time was 9 hours and 38 minutes.

Flight Details

Taipei to Abu Dhabi
Etihad (Cargo) 643 Heavy
Boeing 777-F

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Rolling down the runway as @Speedyyy taxies for his flight to Amsterdam Rotating into the clear sky Climbing over Taipei as the gear go up The foggy Central Mountain Range of Taiwan Over Shenzhen, China just north of Hong Kong The high peaks of Wenshan in South China Tue brown deserts of Oman as we approach Abu Dhabi and the Middle East Starting to descend by the crystal turquoise waters of the UAE Putting the gear down in the golden hour blue sky Touching down in Abu Dhabi!

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

The population density of Abu Dhabi is similar to that of which U.S. City?

  • New York City, NY
  • San Jose, CA
  • Austin, TX

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The answer to the last question was Jurassic Park which 82% got correct!


The quintessential @NoahM shot right here 😍

I’m sure @BigBert10 will like this trivia question too!


Sees Middle East in the title, hopes its Qatar Airways

Sees topic

Realises its Etihad 😑

All jokes aside, nice shots! Some are a little too “blue” for my taste but I love the angles! The third last is just magnificent!


Oh my… What a shot dude! I always love your work man.

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Oh boy a cargo trip basically my favorites when going to any places to deliver

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@snoman haha those were some great views! And yeah Bert will like the trivia question ;)

@AlphaSeven well you convinced me to try Doha to Auckland in a couple of days in the Qatar 777! Whether my game crashes or not is a different story

@Ajaxibrahim thanks a lot man! I’m happy you like them :D

@GameBoy_KIRB I love that with cargo any route is reasonable!


Absolutely true!

The light conditions just match the livery perfectly! Really well made as always. Thanks for sharing!

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These shots are awesome! The 777F is probably my favorite aircraft in the sim, I can wait for the rework!

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Definitely! When the light shines off it the colors are so cool. I don’t know why but the Gold and Brown blocky spots look amazing in my opinion!

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Thanks a lot! I rarely fly the 77F but it’s awesome, it might become my favorite when it gets reworked

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This picture is my favorite! It’s awesome!

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Really nice images! I love this plane too

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@cptlogue thanks a lot! I rarely fly out of Taipei but the views are amazing ;)

Thank you! @AliAlex I’m a big fan of the 77F too

@NoahM insane shots! Especially the third one! Still wanna try BNE-WLG-ZQN? Up to you :)

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Thanks a lot! I’m still willing to fly Brisbane to Wellington to Queenstown

But I was also thinking about doing Manila to Brisbane instead, it’s a little cooler imo, because the other flights won’t have much scenery besides around Queenstown, but MNL-BNE is one of the longest narrowbody flights in the world

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Ok sure, Manila to bne sounds cool @NoahM!