From the Mountains of Hong Kong to the Deserts of Dubai

About a week ago I flew Hong Kong to Dubai, I flown Dubai to Hong Kong using the Cathay 77W a few months back, but this time I was itching to fly the A380. It was an overnight flight for me, living in the US, but we took off from Hong Kong around 10 AM local and flew west to Dubai where we landed at about 1:30 PM (I believe). I used the Emirates A380, I’ve only ever used the A380 once before that and I’m not going to lie, I’m not a fan of it. It points down kind of like the 757, but not as much. Flight time was 8 hours 42 minutes.

Flight Details

Hong Kong to Dubai
Emirates 643 Super
Airbus A380-800

🇭🇰 • 🇦🇪

Putting the gear up as we rocket out of Hong Kong
Turning to the East away from downtown Hong Kong The mountains of a random town in West Vietnam that I have no idea how to spell Cruising at 35,000 feet above the ever changing scenery below The Blue rivers of Central India I don’t really know what to describe here, besides saying that this is a large plane The deserts of Southwest Asia as we prepare to start descending into Dubai Putting the gear down as were battered by a gusty 3 knot headwind On final approach as another Emirates A380 taxies to the runway on its way to London After a smooth touch down we taxi to the gate in Dubai

As always please let me know your thoughts and your favorite photo!

See you guys tomorrow:)


Now those are some amazing photos, just as always!


The „Super“ A380 looking great! Two favourite shots today, both very realistic:

Number 1 because it shows how big and great this aircraft is:

And number 2 because a realistic and great wing view always does the job for me!

Also really liked the A380 Family picture!

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Thanks! @Butter_Boi 🙂

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It was fun to have another A380 in Dubai, and the scenery was fun with how much it changed throughout the flight.

And happy cake day! :)

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Thank you!

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I just can’t… These are so good! How do you even find the time to do this? It’s like you post every second! Anyways, amazing shots!

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Thanks for flying my favorite airline and posting these amazing pics!

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Haha thanks! I kind of have a schedule, on school nights-

Around 9 PM I take about 30-40 photos per flight

At school I narrow it down to my top 10

If I have resource, (A days) then I edit for all 50 minutes of resource and if I don’t have resource I edit when I get home

Then once I’m home I make the topic

On weekends I take the pictures in the morning and then post at about 3 EST

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Thanks for liking them :)

Picture two is absolutely gorgeous. Picture 8 also looks great. Those two look the most like the real a380 imo. Awesome pics!

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That first one actually looks quite realistic (and of course thanks for visiting HK :))…shame the A380 model is so outdated as that often stops me from flying long hauls with it…

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Thanks! I try to make them look realistic :)

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Yeah it’s really outdated and i don’t know how often I’ll fly it in the future

Exuberant and lively photos! Felt like I was on the journey from one side of the globe to the other. Keep it up!

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Thanks a lot! It was a long haul that went a lot of the way across the world!

A380 the big boy aircraft! 😀

Great photos! :)

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It is a V E R Y L A R G E aircraft