From the modern day Dubai to the city of the seven islands Mumbai

Dubai to Mumbai

In light of the ATC schedule, I decided to fly a popular route today from the modern-day city that’s Dubai and the Mumbai, the city of the seven islands. I was struggling to think of places to fly from Mumbai or to Mumbai and I started digging in and doing research and came across the Emirates short route from Dubai to Mumbai. So enjoy these shots as I embarked on my journey.

Flight Details
Dubai to Mumbai
Emirates 289
Boeing 777-300ER
Expert Server
3 hours and 20 minutes

1) Beautiful takeoff shot soaring out of a quiet Dubai airport

2) Taking off from Dubai with a pleasant view of the famous 'Palm’

3) Re-tracing back around to the west side of the airport en-route to Mumbai

4) Soaring over the calm Arabian Sea

5) On approach to RWY 27 at Mumbai airport during a wondrous sunset

6) Smooth touchdown on RWY 27 during the end of the sunset

7) Marking next to a Turkish airlines B777-300ER aircraft bound for Istanbul

Make sure to leave your thoughts on my pictures, they are un-edited soon learning how to make them the best! Tomorrow, I’ll be posting other photos on the flights I get up to!